Solutions overview

Our Process Mining solutions enable businesses of all sizes to begin and accelerate their process mining journey!

Accelerate Time to Value with ARIS Process Mining Solutions.

  • Accounts receivable

    This solution will enable companies of all sizes with transactional data available on SAP to begin their  process mining journey for accounts receivables. 

    Accounts receivables might seem like a straightforward process. However, as with any process with lots of moving parts, things can and will go wrong. Using process mining, you can create visibility of your accounts receivable process. This provides a foundation for you to drive transformation to deliver operational excellence.​ 

    Accounts Receivable Screenshot

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  • Hire-to-retire on SuccessFactors Recruitment

    Visualize and analyze your recruitment process based on the data available in your system.  This solutionprovides a reusable and easy-to-configure template along with predefined process-relevant KPIs and visualizations.​ As part of the solution, we used data transformation and parameters to transform the raw data into a CSV file to activity table and enhancement table (dimensions). For process analysis, we used process explorer, process overview, custom KPIs, visualizations and conformance analysis.​ 

    Hire to Retire Screenshot

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  • Record-to-report – General Ledger

    Record-to-report focuses on creating, parking, posting and processing journal entries. While it would seem intuitive to assume that in most cases, the journal entry will be created, possibly parked for a period of time, posted then processed, unfortunately, in the real world, things aren’t as simple as this. By transforming raw data extract from SAP®, you will be able to visualize your process and begin delivering value today.​ 

    Record-To-Report Screenshot

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  • Loan application in retail banking

    End-to-end loan application process analysis offers clear and easy-to-understand insights about how loan application processes flow in real life.With the help of this industry-agnostic solution one can easily discover the process flow by different variants and cycle time of the whole loan application process. The solution focuses on process cycle times, key information about the applicants or application, approval performance, and also clearly presents the throughput times between the stages.

    Loan application

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  • Order-to-delivery

    End-to-end order-to-delivery analysis offers a clear and easy to understand insight about how order to delivery process flows in real life.With the help of this industry-agnostic solution one can easily discover the process flow by different variants and cycle time of the whole order to delivery process. Also, it is possible to see which activities take longer and how the process changes according to the scenarios.


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  • Purchase-to-pay for SAP®

    Gain clear insights from the first step of purchase requisition to payment handling. ​ With the help of this industry-agnostic solution one can identify the long running processes that are causing delay and identifying bottlenecks. ​ The solution focuses on process cycle times, conversion rates, Ontime-InFull delivery, Maverick buying and also clearly presents the throughput times between stages.​ 

    Purchase-2-Pay Screenshot

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