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Deployment SaaS SaaS SaaS and On-Premise*
Highlights FREE start into the world of process mining Extended reach of process mining projects Use the full potential of process mining
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Connectivity & Data Basic Advanced Enterprise
Import exported CSV files
Living process connections -
Storage quota up to 1 GB Starting at 10 GB Starting at 20 GB
Deployment type SaaS SaaS SaaS and On-Premise
Data storage location US, Europe US, Europe US, Europe
(UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and many more upon request)
Process quota up to 250,000 cases Starting at 1 million Starting at 2 million
Living Processes: **
Extract and upload data from your source systems into your data set to discover and analyze your processes.
Data Transformation: **
Transform your uploaded and extracted data using powerful data transformation queries to clean, restructure and process your data to fit your use case.
Process Discovery Basic Advanced Enterprise
Fact-based insights:
Visualize and analyze your end-to-end process from any angle
Process deviations:
Gain transparency over all variants of your process executions - this really opens your eyes!
Standard analysis apps:
Use standard apps to jump-start your analysis: Process Overview, Process Explorer
App components:
Build individual apps using powerful components such as Line chart, Area chart, Time series chart, Bar chart, Distribution chart, Pie chart, Table, Label
Drill-down to findings:
Spot process bottlenecks and improvement potential by powerful filter, e.g. Attribute selection, Activity selection, Processflow selection
Process Conformance Checking:
Analyze the process conformance of discovered processes against a reference BPMN process or collaboration model from the ARIS repository.
Administration Basic Advanced Enterprise
Project scope Ideal for process mining starters, initial mining projects and for personal use For experienced process miners who want to analyze end-to-end processes For ambitious process miners to exploit the full potential of process mining
User type: Process Mining Analyst ** ***
User type: Process Mining Viewer ** -
User type: Process Mining Engineer ** -
Invite new users
Manage data permissions
Support Community support Standard support Standard & enterprise active support
Community access
Daily tenant backup
Editions Basic Advanced Enterprise
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* The following information applies to SaaS only. Please contact your local Software AG representative for details about on-premise deployments.
** Depending on licensed product components
*** Up to 10