ARIS Process Mining - Get to know all the features

Start your process mining journey today and understand your business like never before with ARIS Process Mining.

Discover your process reality

ARIS Process Mining automatically reconstructs your actual process reality based on process data. This offers you a fact-based view of your process reality to understand your business like never before.

Analyze every aspect of your processes

Powerful visual components and flexible selection options allow you to analyze your process from any angle.

Spot bottlenecks and improvement potentials

Correlate your process data and drill down to individual cases to identify weaknesses, flaws and potential for improvement to optimize your business processes.

Root-cause mining for automated process analysis

Automate your process analysis using powerful algorithms, which allow you to search discovered data for conspicuous structures and patterns. With root-cause mining in ARIS, you can identify and eliminate the exact problems causing your delays and bottlenecks. Now is the time to focus on automated fixing of process issues instead of performing manual analysis.

Transfer a discovered process into your process repository

Extend your process repository with automatically discovered process models or replace existing models with the data-driven reality of the process.
A so-called “happy path” ARIS Process Mining discovers can be seamlessly transferred to a process repository such as ARIS. Select several process variants and transfer a discovered model as a consolidated E-BPMN model. Make use of this powerful method to enrich your process repository with process models from your daily operations.

Monitor your process KPIs

Track your process performance to identify peaks and dips in your performance over time and derive countermeasures to achieve and maintain operational excellence.

Easily build up your process mining app

Create your process mining apps and analyses in an easy-to-use visual editor without any programming knowledge.

Start smart with process snapshots

Start without any hurdle into the world of process mining. Just upload some exported log files and let your data speak the reality.

User types

ARIS Process Mining Basic


Analyze every angle of your process with powerful apps and analyses

Improvement Automation


• Quick import of process data via CSV files
• Create powerful apps and analyses to analyze your process from every angle



• All functional rights of an analyst user
• Manage data sets with direct system connections
• Data extractions and transformations

Supported Web Browsers for
ARIS Process Mining (SaaS Editions):

  • Internet Explorer 11 – (not supported)
  • Microsoft Edge ✓ (Chromium-based version 79 or higher)
  • Firefox ✓ (Firefox 74 or higher)
  • Google ✓ (Google Chrome 80 or higher)
  • Safari ✓ (Safari 11 or higher)

The support for browsers of mobile devices will be available soon.