Understand your processes like never before

ARIS Process Mining lets you understand business processes to find bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Compare designed processes to as-is processes to see, if they execute as planned and make changes, before they impact the bottom line.

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Software AG is named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools

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Key features

ARIS Process Mining Basic

Discover process reality

Spot improvement

Process conformance checking


Automated data integration pipeline


Powerful data transformation engine

What our users are saying:

"The Software AG Process Mining Cloud solution provides rich insight into operational data allowing you to analyse how the business actually functions, not just the best-case, compliant scenarios.

Having this powerful process mining engine now available through the cloud increases visibility, access and the speed with which innovative ideas can be enacted through automatic updates."

Liam O'Neill Senior Consultant at BPM-D

Editions - It's your choice!

ARIS Process Mining Basic

ARIS Process Mining Basic

ARIS Process Mining Basic introduces you to the world of Process Mining to perform quick health checks of your processes with data snapshots. Work with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to discover the hidden root causes that lead to inefficiency and delays in your business process landscape.

Stop relying on your gut feeling and use data-driven insights to achieve process excellence. Be prepared to check your process compliance based on documented process models in ARIS.

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Improvement Automation

ARIS Process Mining Advanced

ARIS Process Mining Advanced takes your process mining maturity to the next level. With its room to grow, it enables you to import a comprehensive collection of process data and provide process mining analyses to a wide range of business experts in your organization.

Based on living system connections (e.g. SAP connectivity), you are ready to perform continuous process diagnostics to monitor your processes end-to-end.

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ARIS Process Mining Enterprise

ARIS Process Mining Enterprise provides all the functionality needed to implement enterprise-wide process mining initiatives and embed continuous process mining into your organization’s DNA.

Comprehensive system configurations and multiple integration options with source systems (such as SAP®) allow even the most complex organizations to capture their entire process landscape and track process compliance and user adoption to process changes.

Even sophisticated simulations to tackle all kinds of bottlenecks within your process organization and to control your entire process life cycle are guaranteed in one integrated platform.

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We're a Leader in Process Mining – 3rd year in a row

ARIS Process Mining has been named a Leader for the 3rd time in a row in this year’s PEAK Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors. Read the report and find out why ARIS Process Mining has been positioned as a leader.

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Learn the process mining basics

If you or those on your team are still getting familiar with process mining, dig into the basics of what it is and why it matters. Read our introductory eBook “Your First Steps Into the World of Process Mining” now.

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